Blockchain Tycoon Phase 2 - Devlog 6 - Build System & New Models

Hello everyone. We’re getting closer to have a playable version of the Phase 2 of the Blockchain Tycoon. In today’s post you’ll get to see samples of the updated placement system and models. First thing you’ll notice is the fact that everything is delivered by drones. As you might know, images are from the upcoming Phase 2 version of the game that will be released when it is ready. We can say that the coding part is almost finished and we’re moving on to update the visual style of the game which includes new 3D models. When the visual part is done, next task is to redesign the UI.

Room construction props surrounding the building.

Humans and drones working in harmony to place new mining units.

Bulk placement system followed by drone delivery.

Solar panels placed on the roof.

New GPU mining rig with spinning fans.

New ASIC mining rig.

Feel free to share your suggestions and ideas. See you on the next blog post.

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