Blockchain Tycoon Phase 2 - Available Now

Hello everyone, the day has come. Blockchain Tycoon Phase 2 is available today. Phase 2 is the completely redesigned version of the game. We’ve gathered all the feedback you’ve given over time and improved over it. In our opinion it is 80% finished right now. Early Access is still not over and there is still room of improvement.

Coin Economy

Daily prices uses order book system. Price increase and decrease in a currency are more organic. Pricing system has multiple variables such as checking if large amount of currency is being sold or bought at the same time.

Tokens & Staking

We have tokens now. They cannot be mined but you can buy / sell them for a profit. You can also create tokens and offer a token ICO. It takes less time to develop a token. Tokens can be staked in exchanges for an annual reward.


There are three exchanges that offer variable prices for coins or tokens. Some currencies might be bought or sold in a single exchange.

Energy Production

Solar panels does not generate power 24/7. Instead, they only generate when the sun is out. Sun hours depend on the month.


You can change memory clock and power target of a GPU to overclock it. More power consumption means more hash rate. It also means more heat and temperature might break the hardware. Make sure to use cooling on your GPU unit which is also new.

Repair and Hardware Lifetime

Hardware units has limited durability and they might break over time.

Modular Shelves and Swapping Hardware

Shelves are now modular and you can replace any part you want when a new model comes out. You can also swap broken units.

ICO Investing

You can now invest in other ICOs and buy currencies early. You might make a profit if they ever get listed on an exchange.

Warehouse Staff

Hardware is placed, repaired, swapped by workers. They can be human or drones. Staff can be trained in skills. Warehouse staff can be assigned to a specific room.


ICO system has changed. First, you hire staff and they do the development. ICO performance is determined by the quality of the currency. Having a better team makes a difference.

ICO Staff

ICO staff has programming, marketing, and writing skills. They can all be trained. The computer used by the staff can be upgraded too.


There are more detailed statistics for mining and accounting.

Day and Night Cycle

There is a day / night cycle now. It changes every several days.

Campaign, Scenario, Challenge Modes

The game has three main modes. Campaign is more like a tutorial that teaches you the mechanics of the game. Scenarios have a little story and related tasks. Challenges gives you more freedom than the other two modes.

Sandbox Mode

Classic sandbox mode where you can change many parameters of the game. You can also select conditions to win the game if you want or play forever. We think that the Sandbox mode is the highlight of the Phase 2.

3D Models

Hardware models for GPU and ASIC units, PSU, shelves. They are all new now.

We hope you like the Phase 2. As always, feel free to share any feedback. Thanks for playing.

Blockchain Tycoon on Steam