Sammy Jukes Twin Lakes is coming to steam on September 19

‘Sammy Jukes: Twin Lakes’, an open-world first-person detective adventure game, is coming to Steam on September 19.

Detective Sammy Jukes is the man on the job when an anti-oil activist is reported missing in a small town on the new oil pipeline route. Talk to witnesses, shovel through evidence, wrestle with the wolves and chase after chickens to find the truth in this first-person adventure game.

Famous anti-oil activist Tammy Taylor was reported missing. Activists suspect there’s foul play by the big oil company. But is everything as simple as it looks? Only you can crack the case Detective Jukes!

Small Town, Big Secrets

  • Seemingly idyllic town of Twin Lakes harbors dark secrets. More you dig into it, more it stinks! Gather up all the info for an explosive finish.
  • Put a pillow under your chin, ‘cuz your jaw is about to drop with all these twists and turns. ‘Member Keyser Soze? Whoa!
  • Inspired spiritually by Twin Peaks, True Detective and Monty Python (in that order) it’s an Environmentalists vs Big Oil story that’s becoming more relevant every day.

Meet The Cast

  • The drunk small town Sheriff, grieving parents, anti-oil activists, the snark-machine Mayor, conspiracy theorists, wannabe influencers, and even Crazy Old Jim Bob. All the characters you expect to find in a small mountain town and more…
  • Fully voiced by professional actors
  • Created with Unreal Engine 5 using the Metahuman technology, these characters are more life-like than ever before.

Have it your way

  • Investigate the open-world map of Twin Lakes on your own pace. Discovering new clues and deciding how to best use them.
  • Choices matter! Experience all the different endings.
  • You can even run, this ain’t no walkin’ sim!

Do it by the book!

  • Get a search warrant on suspects. Establish probable cause to arrest them.
  • Respect the civil rights and due process in this unprecedented law abiding adventure. Time to obey the law and kick figurative ass!

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Sammy Jukes Twin Lakes on Steam