Blockchain Tycoon Phase 2 - Devlog 5 - Campaign & Sandbox

Hey everyone. As you might have read on the previous posts, Blockchain Tycoon is being completely redesigned for months now. Since it is taking more time to add new systems and fix old bugs, the game will be updated with the “Phase 2” version whenever it is ready. Previous updates to Blockchain Tycoon was based on the same game logic and project. So, it was easier to update whenever something was finished. Current version of the “Phase 2” have unorganized UI and placeholder 3D models that will be fixed after the core systems are ready. Things I’ve coded in the last month really made a difference in gameplay. Campaign mode and sandbox mode are almost finished. There are also systems like hardware durability, ICO investing, token staking.

New Systems

Campaign Mode

8 tutorial style campaign levels that will let you use all the systems in the game incrementally. Starting with GPU-only one-room warehouse, you’ll learn about mining followed by overclocking the GPU. Then, learn about energy production with solar panels. ASICs will unlock as you progress in the following levels, and you’ll see how it makes a difference in mining. In later levels you’ll learn how to create your own coin in ICO. And, the final level is about ICO investing and token staking.

Sandbox Mode

Classic sandbox mode can be created by selection of multiple parameter. Things you can select to crease a customized game are: available mining hardware, number of rooms, startup cash, growth of the miner network, daily price variance in coin exchanges, number of tokens, electricity price, hardware durability preference, and more. There is also a menu allows you to select your own winning conditions. These conditions might be amount of cash to win, gameplay duration in years, or it can be number of coins you’ve mined.

Hardware Durability

As you know, nothing lasts forever. Hardware you are using for mining can be damaged and eventually break when you are mining 24/7. From mining hardware to case fans, and motherboard to PSU, all units will break after some time. If it is not completely broken, a staff in the warehouse can repair (if they are trained to repair the unit) or it will stop mining. You’ll have to replace units that are broken. Individual hardware units can be repaired or swapped, so you don’t have to sell everything for one unit.

Cryptocurrency Types & Naming

The game will have coin and token types. Coin can be mined and tokens can only be traded in exchanges. You’ll also have the option to create a coin or a token in the ICO. The game also have the popular coin and algorithm names unchanged. Some of the coins are “BTC, LTC” and algorithms are “SHA256, Scrypt”. There are also algorithms specifically modified for the game.

ICO Investing

It is different from developing your own coin. You can look at upcoming ICOs and invest in them by analyzing the given information. As you know, not all coins are listed on exchanges. So, not all investment are profitable. A project that look good at the beginning might be abandoned later and your investment could fail.

Token Staking

A popular method to use your tokens is to stake them in order to get a staking reward and turn it into profit later. Not all tokens support staking. Tokens that support staking returns an annual yield that can be received monthly.

Advanced Statistics

Previous version of the game did not have a clean interface for statistics. You’ll have a dedicated statistics interface for analyzing how many coins did you mine in the given month, how many sold, your profits. Every payment is now logged.

What’s next?

  • New build system that supports warehouse staff finding its way through the warehouse to place, repair or swap hardware. Staff can be assigned to rooms by you to allow better management. Also job distribution for the given tasks.
  • New UI.
  • New 3D models.

As always, feel free to share any ideas or suggestions you might have. See you in the next blog post.

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