Blockchain Tycoon Phase 2 - Devlog 4

Hello everyone, you’ll be reading great news today. Second phase of development consists of redesigned systems, new campaign mode, new 3D models, and updated UI. Developing the new systems and fixing the old bugs is almost finished. All the features mentioned below are being developed for the ‘Phase 2’ version of the Blockchain Tycoon. It will be available whenever development is finished. Development blog posts are letting you know about the progress while we wait for the new version.

What is completed?

  • Mining system will be updated in Phase 2. The algorithm that coin is based on is the main factor in mining. A GPU has varying hash rate values for each algorithm it supports. ASICs also support only one algorithm.
  • There is a new event system for coin prices. For example, price for a coin might drop after ASIC for the algorithm is introduced.
  • There are new accounting rules which affects how you plan your strategy. Balance can now go below zero. Salaries and bills are always paid on time and you can only buy new stuff if the balance is greater than zero.
  • Hardware swapping tool allows you to swap specific hardware on the shelf. For example, you can select multiple units and swap GPUs whenever a new model comes out.

New ICO System

Developing and releasing your own coin consists of several stages which are Pre-ICO, ICO, and Post-ICO. You have to have a team. Finish the development cycle and do an ICO. When a coin is released to public, it does not mean that exchanges will list the coin. You’ll need more progress to list the coin on a cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Team members working on an ICO will have skill points that can be increased by training.
  • You can work on multiple coin projects at the same time.
  • Durations of the development steps can be increased or decreased according to your design.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges will have requirements for coins to list them for buying and selling.

What’s next?

  • Classic campaign system with tasks and rewards. Features will unlock as you progress in the campaign.
  • Parameter based sandbox mode. You will set the parameters of the game you want to play.

That’s it for now. Thank you for your patience. As always, feel free to share your suggestions.

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